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Fat Bike Pedals, aka: Really big platform pedals!

posted Nov 22, 2013, 9:26 AM by Ted Bibby   [ updated Nov 22, 2013, 11:56 AM ]
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I've been trying to decide on which pedals to buy for winter riding. I wanted ones that had the largest possible platform to accommodate big winter boots but also wouldn't break the bank. Attached is a spreadsheet of my findings as of 11/22/13. One thing to note, is that I don't know specifically what width is reported or where it is measured from. Does Width mean outside pedal to where the metal stops on the last thread of the spindle? Or does it mean outside edge to where closest edge of the spindle contacts the crank arm, or does it simply mean physical platform and ignores any lengthening from the spindle?

In my opinion the Wellgo B185 is the best option and at a great price. If you want pure size the Welgo 185 (111mm wide) barely out widths other competitors such as 45 North's Helva, Heiruspecs and VP Components VP-59  (all 110mm wide). There are two plastic pedals with the greatest width but I was not interested in them. For over all area, DMR's Vault and DMR's Brendog platform pedal win with 12075 mm2 of space, this is accomplished by having a longer platform rather than a wider platform as far as I can tell. The only other concern and unknown with all the pedals is how well the bearings hold up when it's -20F out. Email if you have any other contenders.
Wellgo's B185
45 North's Helva
DMR's Vault
VP Components VP-59

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