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Adventure Journal

posted Mar 22, 2012, 9:44 AM by Ted Bibby
My friend Brian Williams was just featured in the "Adventure Journal" blog site. It shows a photo taken when He and I were driving across and around the southwest United States. He picked me up from Taos, NM where I just finished my geology field camp course and we spent the remainder of a month working odd jobs we found on craigslist, visiting friends, and scamming our way into every free thing we could find. I remember eating lots of tortillas, avocado, tomatoes and bean paste. I remember navigating up a 4 wheel drive trail in his "Sweet Cherry" Honda Civic on the way to climb a 14,000 ft. mountain. I had to sit on the roof to direct him in and around boulders greater than the clearance offered by his car as a rented 4X4 Jeep came bouncing up the same trail with a look of confusion on its face, like we were not supposed to be doing what we were doing. We weathered a small storm on the side of that mountain, lost a water bottle over the edge of the cliff face and navigated across snow slopes using rocks in our hands as ice axes. Falling or slipping on those snow slopes ended in rock falls and sheer cliffs and would have meant really serious injury for either one of us. Brian hiked the whole way in a pair of church pants "because they're polyester". In the picture, you'll see Brian changing his tire. The front wheel went flat (maybe after our rock crawling) and we were moving the spare to rear because we thought It'd be safer.